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Gilliard Farms is probably the oldest farm that still very much active in producing fresh goods in this side of Georgia. Farming has been our family’s vocation across all generations that is why we have been in this business for more than a century. The secret to our success? Sustainable farming. We have always ensured that the farming techniques that we use are environment-friendly. And we are living proof that sustainable farming is the key to a stable and successful farming business.

Our longevity is an achievement and we are determined to continue doing sustainable means of farming for the protection of our environment, ecosystem, communities, and the people around us. Our commitment stems from our belief that only sustainable and organic farming will bring about the most nutritious and best-tasting food – true to the core and promises only wholesome organic goodness for everyone who gets the chance to eat our produce. We want to help keep our environment green and safe. We want to offer nutritious foods to the people. And most of all, we want to make organic food affordable for everyone so that we can have a healthier population.

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Gilliard Farms only employs sustainable farming techniques to ensure the protection of our environment and community. We do not use toxic and harmful chemicals in our plants and animals. We make sure that there is a balance between our farming activities and the ecosystem around us. We support biological diversity in our estate. All our farming techniques and practices are duly recorded so that officials, researchers, and the public can verify them at any time. We believe in transparency. When we say that we bring you wholesome organic goodness, you can be assured that our products are safe, clean, green, and healthy for your body.

Gilliard Farms is a vast estate. We grow different kinds of plants and crops using our tested farming techniques. Our animal agriculture conforms to the highest standards of the animal production system. For those who are interested, Gilliard Farms offers farm tours, lectures, and cooking lessons. We have educational farm tours wherein we educate our guests about the different kinds of plants and animals in our farm, what we grow, and when it is in season. We also offer lectures on organic farming and the techniques to produce the freshest products. We also have cooking demonstrations for organic foods wherein our guests can learn about the recipes for the wholesome organic goodness that our farm offers and taste the finished products.

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For those who are interested to grow their own organic plants in their backyards, we have seedlings and crops for sale. We will teach you how to start your organic garden. Of course, our farm guests can buy the greenest and crispest produce for the day at affordable prices. You can even be the one to harvest them from our farm to guarantee their freshness. So, there is more reason for you to go out and visit us. Gilliard Farms will take you to a whole new level of farming experience.