Ways Organic Food Help To Lose Weight

organic carrots

One of the biggest debates in the food industry is the organic foods and its said benefits to consumers. In fact, a visit to your supermarket’s food section, you will find food labelled organic. Studies have shown that organic food provides numerous health benefits. That’s why they attract higher prices due to the rising demand in the market.

One of the biggest health benefits that this food provides is weight loss. From various studies conducted on organic food, there is prove that switching to this food can help you lose weight naturally. But how does that work? Well, we are going to explore how eating organic can help you shed off extra pounds and some of the organic foods you should have in your diet.

How Organic Food Help You Lose Weight

Various studies have shown that organic food is more nutritious compared to conventional food, which is grown with chemical inputs. For instance, it has been proven that organic food has lower levels of cadmium and a higher levels of antioxidants. What chemicals in farming input do is killing some of the natural nutrients in the food; hence, making them less nutritious. Here are Ways organic food helps lose weight:

Rich In Antioxidants

According to various studies, it has been proven that organic food has a high concentration of antioxidants. Organic vegetable and fruits have been found to contain 20 to 40 per cent more antioxidants than conventional varieties. We all know the numerous benefits that these nutrients have to the body. One of the biggest reasons why most people are coming obese or add unnecessary weight is because of the high toxin levels. Most of these toxins comes from the food that is conventionally grown.

Toxins make the body add weight in a number of ways. First, they tamper with the normal hormone functioning. For you to lose weight, your hormones must work efficiently. So when hormones hinder the normal functioning of your homes, then you will have a problem with weight gain. Second, toxins trigger the body to create fat cells. The fat cells movers the toxins away from vital organs. That’s how you end up adding weight.

Lastly, toxins affect the efficiency of thyroid. It is the thyroid that regulates metabolism, which is crucial for weight regulation. So, if the thyroid is not working correctly, then your metabolism is affected. That’s how you end up gaining unnecessary weight.

So, with foods high in antioxidants concentration, they help the body to flush out toxins. Properly functioning thyroid also improves metabolism hence increasing fat burn. Lastly, your body stops creating fat cells. That’s how you end up losing weight naturally by eating organic food.

Reduce Craving

Most people are not able to relate their craving to the chemicals in the food. It has been proven by various studies that chemicals in conventional farming are the most significant contributor to cravings. This kind of addiction is what keeps people eating more of the chemical-laced food, which ends up adding more toxin in the body. That is how a majority of people ends up adding weight due to addiction to bad food.

Organic food has no craving or any form of addiction. So, you will not have a problem of overeating a particular food, especially wheat products, potato chips, which are known for adding weight. That is another way that switching to organic food would help you lose weight in the long run. However, it will take a few days or weeks to adapt to this food and kill the craving.

They Have Less Sugar

Another way that organic foods can help in weight loss is by reducing the amount of sugar the consumer is exposed to. A good example is a varying amount to simple sugar and starch between the organic and conventional fruits. Have you ever wondered why conventional fruits are sweeter and bigger, yet they have a low concentration of vitamins and antioxidants? Well, that’s because of the sugar content.

The extra size of conventional fruits such as apples and oranges are filled with sugar and starches. That is the reason why they are sweeter compared to the organic option. Eating such fruits means you will consume more calories. That’s how people end up adding weight with these foods. But with organic foods, the amount of sugar is lower, and that’s one way that you end up losing weight naturally.

Best Organic Foods You Should Add To Your Organic Diet

Organic food can indeed help you lose weight in the long run. However, you need to consider a number of factors to make this a reality. There are some foods that you must have in your organic diet to achieve weight loss. These are foods that have been found to deliver excellent results in a relatively short time.

You should include free-range eggs in your organic diet. These types of eggs contain good fat like omega-3 fatty acids which are good for a healthy body. Organic apples and blueberries are two must-have fruits in your diet. They are rich in fibre content and antioxidants hence making them ideal for weight loss. The other food that you must add is yoghurt. Its good carbs, fats and proteins are the reasons why it is one of the recommended foods by dieticians. Last is the green tea because of its high antioxidant properties.

Final Thought

Switching to organic foods is good not only for slimming but has other numerous health benefits. However, you shouldn’t expect to lose weight immediately. It will take some time to start seeing the results. Choose organic food correctly and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you must change your lifestyle and incorporate workouts for a long-lasting solution to your weight issues. It is also good to see a dietician to guide you on how to pick the right food and the right servings.